Lamps for runway, taxiway and approach lighting

The transport of passengers and freight in global air traffic makes great demands on safety, too. Because of its major impact on passenger safety, airport operators are paying special attention to the lighting of runways for take-off, landing and taxiing. Lighting is used to mark out the important areas of the airfield.

The light sources are integrated in appropriate obstacle lights, either set into the ground or installed above ground. This calls for lamps that are shockproof and can withstand the vibrations that occur when aircrafts take off and land. In addition, special safety regulations require a uniform and durable light output to ensure that aircraft movements run smoothly.

Benefits of working with ams OSRAM

  • ams OSRAM is your experienced partner in the airfield segment
  • ams OSRAM is a high-quality supplier with a global footprint
  • Long-lasting products through intensive testing during development and production
  • Application support for optics, electronics, thermal management etc.
  • Comprehensive patent portfolio
  • ams OSRAM also offers customized solutions

Halogen lamps current-controlled

Reliability, longevity and reasonable maintenance costs account for the success of tungsten halogen lamps as light sources for demanding airfield lighting applications.

  • Low maintenance costs due to long lamp life
  • Broad product portfolio for runway, taxiway and approach lighting
  • IR radiation provides guidance in low visibility conditions
  • Ability to reduce light output when needed
  • Flicker-free operation
  • Mercury-free
  • Reliable and consistent light output
  • Enhances visibility over the life of the lamp
  • FAA and/or ICAO approved in conjunction with many OEM fixtures
  • Durable construction provides resistance to the effects of vibration
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