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The technology behind image projection has progressed to high intensity projection devices used today in conference rooms, classrooms and homes around the world.

As one of the industry leaders, ams OSRAM offers high performance P-VIP lamps for both front projectors and rear projection television.

P-VIP lamps are high pressure mercury lamps for use in video projectors, projection televisions and other projection applications. The mercury discharge spectrum is altered through the very high operating pressure of more than 200bar, to give a dense multi-line spectrum which is ideal for projection purposes.

P-VIP lamps from ams OSRAM are backed by innovative R&D and advanced manufacturing that enable the optimal performance characteristics of the projection devices.

P-VIP lamps provide very high brightness, the essential prerequisite for efficient projection devices. Furthermore they excel through long operating life and a low loss of luminous flux during the lifetime.

PT-VIP lamp drivers, perfectly attuned to the lamps, ensure not only the optimal operating conditions, but also provide additional functions appropriate to the device. Sophisticated Unishape operation modes offer variable light color optimized for data-, video-, or other operation modes.

Key benefits of genuine OSRAM P-VIP lamps:

  • Extra-long lifetime
  • High lumen output for ultimate brightness
  • Uniform light distribution
  • Excellent quality
  • High safety standards

No matter what your needs are or which projection application you are looking for, ams OSRAM is an expert in projection technology - and it shows.

P-VIP Certified Reseller Program

Our Certified Reseller Program for P-VIP lamp dealers effectively helps to reduce consumer doubt about the authenticity of products purchased online.

The counterfeit problem

With the overwhelming number of low-priced projection lamps offered by unknown dealers, consumers often struggle to determine if a product is authentic, counterfeit, or an inferior imitation of a quality lamp. In addition to infringing on the intellectual property rights of lamp manufacturers, counterfeit or imitation lamps are often poorly constructed. Such lamps pose significant risks, including bad picture quality, projector damage, and even total projector loss. Thus, the true costs – and risks – of counterfeit P-VIP lamps are not reflected in their price tag.

The certified solution

With ams OSRAM’s Certified Reseller Program, consumers are not exposed to the inherent risks of counterfeit P-VIP lamps and have assurances that their lamp will match their projector. This consumer confidence translates into less hesitation to complete P-VIP purchases from our Certified Reseller Program participants.

To become an ams OSRAM Certified Reseller, distributors must meet certain criteria. This includes:

  • Maintaining loyalty to the ams OSRAM line
  • Having respect for branded products, intellectual property rights and copyrights, in particular
  • Using only truthful advertisements and marketing materials
  • Sourcing P-VIP lamps directly from amsOSRAM or a known ams OSRAM distributor

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