Digital Systems


A termék előnyei
  • Plug and Play preconfigured for instant use without any startup procedure
  • Mains voltage interruption buffer battery
  • All the luminaires in the system can be dimmed or switched
  • Simple creation of scenes and sequences
  • A setpoint for daylight-dependent control can be stored by double clicking
  • Sensor integration in DALI
Alkalmazási területek
  • Room control, floor control, daylight-dependent control
  • Connection of light and presence sensors in DALI systems
  • Conference rooms
  • Offices: Individual and group workplaces
  • Production and assembly facilities
  • Suitable for indoor applications
  • Large luminaire groups
  • Industry
  • Corridors
  • Strip lighting
  • Logistic centers
  • Classrooms
  • Sports halls
  • Training rooms
Equipment / Accessories
  • Suitable for up to 256 electronic control gears with DALI interfaces
  • Graphic configuration software with Windows user interface

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Configuration software available at

Műszaki adatok

Elektromos adatok

Névleges feszültség

100…240 V

Hálózati frekvencia [calc.]

50 Hz/60 Hz

System wattage

20.00 W

Méretek és súly


90.0 mm


160.0 mm


62.0 mm

Termék súlya

400.00 g

Hőmérséklet és működési feltételek

Környezeti hőmerséklet tartomány

0…+40 °C




Dimmelő interfész


Vezérlő kimenetek száma


Installáció típusa

DIN rail mounting

Tanúsítványok és szabványok

Védettség típusa


Logisztikai adatok

Commodity code


Környezetvédelmi információk

Information according Art. 33 of EU Regulation (EC) 1907/2006 (REACh)

Date of Declaration


Primary Article Identifier


Candidate List Substance 1


CAS No. of substance 1


Safe Use Instruction

The identification of the Candidate List substance is sufficient to allow safe use of the article.

Declaration No. in SCIP database


Csomagolási információk







4008321710871 FS

Hajtogatott doboz

1 215mm x 95mm x 76mm 440.00g 1.55dm³
4008321710888 VS

Shipping box

10 490mm x 229mm x 172mm 245.00g 19.30dm³


Bővebben a termékcsaládról

A termék jellemzői
  • Controller for 4 DALI lines
  • Up to 50 pushbutton/sensor couplers can be integrated
  • Integrated DALI supply
  • 4 freely programmable switchover relays; load contact: 4x 5 A
  • Daylight-dependent and/or presence-dependent or manual control
  • Up to 4 x 16 groups can be controlled
  • Integrated clock for event control
  • Weekly scheduler
  • Control of lighting scenes and sequences (recall/store)
  • Housing for series installation
  • Length of the DALI control cable: up to 300 m
Tender text

Lightcontroller for 4 DALI lines for lightscenes and detailed energy saving configurations.Controller with 4 DALI ports and integrated DALI supply according EN/IEC 62386 for connection of up to 256 DALI ECG. For mounting on 35mm DIN-rail according DIN 43880.Attachment of sensors and input devices via DALI wire for simple, cost efficient installation.4 integrated relay load contacts usable for opening, closing, changing of max. 5A ohmic load.For applications up to 4 x 16 light groups and up to 4 x 16 light scenesConnection of up to 50 pushbutton -/ sensorcouplers via DALI wires.For attachment of combi-sensors (light and occupancy) for luminaire- / ceiling - mounting or standard installation pushbuttons without reduction of permissible number of DALI ECG.Integrated LED area with buttons for contruction site mode. Option to check correct luminaire DALI installation without connected wall switches / input devices.Message about lamp failure to superior Building Management System.Basic functionality for commissioning without software for applications of 4 wired light groups with pushbutton- / sensorcoupler via DALI broadcast.Integrated real time clock for event schedulingBattery buffer at mains voltage interruptionWeekly scheduler for use of up to 50 time eventsAutomatic change to daylight saving timeSetup SoftwareSimple setup on PC screen via configuration software with windows software and blink chain.Flexible function assignment of DALI ECG, sensors, manual input devices across all 4 DALI lines.Component display in device tree and interactive scene preview.Daylight depending light regulation with up to 10 lightsensors per regulation group.Static light scenes called by occupancy sensors or manual control (pushbutton, OSRAM Glasstouch or Touchpanel).Flexible configuration of time controlled light levels for corridor function.Flow control and sequences composed from single scenes.One button call for several scenes.Serial / parallel configuration of grouped switches.Automatic generation of detailed HTML projectreport which shows complete configuration including all used devices, parameter and functionalities.Testfunction for testing of all used single devices with PC software during operation.Display of ressource status.Housing polycarbonate plastic, flame-retardant, halogen freeDimensions L x W x H:160 x 91 x 62 mm (9TE)Terminals: screwless push wire 0,5..2,5mm2Connection to PC: standard USB Type BSupply Voltage: AC 100 – 240V 50/60Hz / DC 100 – 240VPower consumption: max. 25W @ full DALI loadDALI current supply: 4x 200mAAmbient temperature: 0°C...+40°CType of protection: IP 20Protection class: IFulfills EMV regulation: EN55022, IEC/EN 61000Producer:OSRAMOrder name: DALI PRO CONT-4 RTCOrder number EAN: 4008321 710871


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Vezérlő kimenetek száma
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100…240 V 4 IP20 DIN rail mounting