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BackLED RGBW Plus G2

A termék jellemzői
  • Connected with flexible cables
  • Special robust encapsulation
  • CE marked
  • Dimmable by pulse width modulation (PWM)
A termék előnyei
  • Simple fixing with M3 screws
  • Broad color mixing palette (in connection with light management systems)
  • Uniform backlighting of large surfaces thanks to extremely wide angle optics
  • Simple connection with open cable ends
  • 5 year guarantee
Equipment / Accessories
  • Several types of OPTOTRONIC 24 V power supplies available
  • BoxLED mounting profile BX-MP


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Termék neve
Fényáram / LED modul
Névleges teljesítmény LED modulonként
Luminous efficacy
Termék adatlap
154 lm 2.84 W 54 lm/W

Bővebben a termékcsaládról

Alkalmazási területek
  • Special-purpose and decorative lighting applications
  • Dynamic color backlighting
  • Dynamic mood lighting
  • Spas
  • Shops
  • Restaurants
  • Trade fair lighting
  • Permanent outdoor use in enclosed light boxes or channel letters

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