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Your know-how for dynamic Tunable White systems!

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20.02.2019 | Products

The new application guide shows you how to provide biologically effective white light

This application guide supports you in designing Tunable White systems with constant current drivers – making your entry into Human Centric Lighting (HCL) as simple as possible. Our TW drivers stand out due to their excellent price-performance ratio – without compromising on color accuracy. Furthermore, you can combine the LED drivers with LED modules from both OSRAM and third-party manufacturers.

This guide provides you with the valuable physical and technical background knowledge, familiarizes you with system components and light management, and also provides valuable tips and tricks for successful implementation. It helps you to learn all about how to match the data of LED drivers and TW modules in order to optimize the color accuracy and performance of your TW system via the Tuner4TRONIC configuration tool. Our OTi DALI 35 TW and OTi DALI 75 TW LED drivers can be used most flexibly: As DT8 drivers with two channels and a DALI address and also as 1- or 2-channel drivers in DT6 mode.

Contents of this application guide:

  • Physical and technical background knowledge
  • System components (TW modules, TW drivers, LMS)
  • Data matching via the Tuner4TRONIC software
  • Handling including wiring and NFC programming
  • Thermal and mechanical considerations

Design your dynamic TW systems with this application guide!