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The new product family of ultra-flat (11 mm) linear LED drivers: OT FIT 35/75 D LT2 UF L

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11.10.2018 | Products

Simply ideal for innovative luminaire designs: UltraFlat drivers providing excellent lighting quality while enabling current setting via NFC

The new linear, non-isolated OSRAM OT FIT 35/75 D LT2 UF L LED drivers of the 11 mm series smoothly combine innovative design, path-breaking current setting via NFC along with maximum efficiency and lighting quality.

Only 11 mm high, these trend-setting LED drivers enable entirely new, design-oriented lighting solutions. Thanks to NFC it has never been that easy, fast and cost effective to program the current. Wide operating windows guarantee the most effective use of many different types of modules. A ripple current ≤1 % ensures perfect lighting quality, and the drivers provide up to 94 % efficiency. Combined with PrevaLED Linear G4/G4-P, OSRAM offers its customers a 7-year system guarantee.

Download the data sheet and contact your local sales representative for products.

OSRAM product catalog: OT FIT 35/75 D LT2 UF L