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New: LED driver for track rail systems

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24.02.2019 | Products

Compatible and miniature – an LED driver for track rails: OT FIT 30

Enhance the effect of your luminaires! For spotlights in shops and hospitality areas, OSRAM now offers a new, particularly compact ON/OFF LED driver – and since it is directly integrated into the track rail system, it is almost invisible from outside. Due to the short driver length of only 162 mm, the spotlights can be incorporated in close proximity to each other.

The OPTOTRONIC FIT 30/220-240/700 CS T features a low ripple current, ensuring superior lighting quality; it can be set to eight different output currents between 350 and 700 mA via DIP switches. This broad range provides various application options with a single device – also thanks to small dimensions and a housing compatible with various customary track rail systems.

The driver is simply perfect for use with PrevaLED Core G7. The new design of this LED module increases system efficiency while at the same time minimizing lumen output degradation. Improved, efficient light coupling enables a highly precise beam path as well as the design of luminaires which feature optimized lighting technology and smaller dimensions overall.

  • High flexibility in the system thanks to eight selectable output currents from 350 to 700 mA (in steps of 50 mA)
  • High quality of light thanks to low output ripple current (max. 3 %)
  • GLOBAL housing compatible with a large number of customary tracks

Benefit from the advantages of flexible OT FIT 30 LED drivers for flexible light rail systems!

Available from March 2019 onwards (in a black and white housing).