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LINEARlight FLEX RGBW: Light follows your creativity


12.10.2018 | Products

Work, relax and more! Create the right light atmosphere for your mood.

Compose inspiring atmospheres, create impressive scenes, fit your light to special occasions and enhance structure and perception of precious materials and architectonical features. Brilliant colors, pastel tones and white light now come in one product.

With the OSRAM LINEARlight FLEX RGBW solution paired with our dedicated CASAMBI control system, you can adjust the color of your lighting installation in a very easy and intuitive way via smartphone. Create the ideal solution for your needs and achieve the effects desired playfully with a few swipes.

Thanks to the updated flexible lighting control via Bluetooth dimmer (OT BLE DIM) and CASAMBI App, intelligent lighting is now easy to command; installation, maintenance and configuration are more efficient and user-friendly than ever and constant cloud synchronization is available.

Experience premium possibilities: improve the CRI required, create a customized white and pastel tones by adding a few drops of color, tune the standard white spectrum easily and improve the perceived quality of materials like marbles and wood.

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