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LED drivers with NFC interface save time and money

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27.02.2019 | Products

These state-of-the-art drivers provide valuable benefits for luminaire manufacture, luminaire installation and lighting installation maintenance, and also help to avoid errors.

Benefits for luminaire manufacture:
Thanks to wireless LED driver parameterization via NFC, luminaire manufacturers can save at least 50 percent of the time usually required for luminaire manufacture via DALI programming. When using ON/OFF drivers, they also save the costs of the current setting resistor, and the risk of confusion due to incorrectly equipped resistors is reduced.

  • Smaller luminaire series can be conveniently pre-programmed in no time at all and must only be submitted to final luminaire high-voltage testing afterwards
  • In addition, NFC programming does not require a qualified electrotechnician
  • According to feedback from luminaire manufacturers, cost savings of between €1 and €2.50 could be achieved for 10 NFC drivers
  • The procurement and provision of different resistor types is thus a thing of the past
  • If required, even ready-manufactured luminaires can be adapted to individual luminaire requirements – conveniently and without connection to the mains
  • Luminaire manufacturers working with dedicated subcontractors also benefit significantly from NFC technology, because it gives them more flexibility while at the same time reducing complexity and costs

Benefits for maintenance and repair:

  • Luminaires can be removed from the intermediate ceiling without connection to the mains and e.g. the lumen output can be adapted to the actual requirements of the lighting installation.
  • Simplified luminaire/driver analysis in the lighting installation: Thanks to mains-free analysis, the driver data can be read out directly at the installation site, stored in a buffer memory and programmed on a new driver (ex-factory setting) – simplifying e.g. the replacement of a defective driver.

Read the attached flyer for an overview of all OSRAM LED drivers with an NFC interface and useful hardware and software tools which allow you to save time and money thanks to forward-looking NFC technology.

Flyer: NFC technology – Saving time and money