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High-quality downlight designs with low glare

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26.02.2019 | Products

Systems for quick and easy design-in with PrevaLED Disc and Basic Disc LED modules

Implement flexible general lighting systems for offices and retail outlets with our PrevaLED Disc and Basic Disc product families. Various mechanical and electrical interfaces provide you with plenty of design-in freedom. The LED modules are designed for customary downlight sizes and available in various lumen packages. PrevaLED is simply ideal for applications requiring low glare and superior lighting comfort, whereas the Basic LED modules stand out due to an excellent price-performance ratio.

The OTi DALI LT2 NFC LED drivers, with their broad operating window, and the LED modules can be seamlessly combined to form a perfectly matching unit. Program the drivers conveniently via the NFC interface; they come with a large number of valuable features such as CLO (Constant Lumen Output), Soft Switch Off, Touch DIM, and Dim-2-Dark. You can control your lighting system either manually via the digital DALI MCU rotary dimmer or simply on your smartphone via Bluetooth (when using DALI ACU BT).

Electrical connection options (LE)

  • Connection terminals on the sides (standard)
  • Centered connection with solder pad, optional connection terminals available on request

Mechanical connection options

  • Same hole pattern as for PrevaLED Cube
  • Simple replacement: customary hole patterns
  • Lateral fixing
  • Central fixing

Combine superior lighting quality and performance in one flexible system!