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Connected light with a new linear DEXAL driver

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27.02.2019 | Products

The DEXAL interface is the backbone for smart radio-based infrastructure

Within the scope of the digitalization of light, the interconnection of lighting components provides an ever-increasing number of options for smart building management. The OTi DX D NFC L LED driver with DEXAL interface developed by OSRAM supplies sensors and radio modules with electric power and enables the bidirectional exchange of data within the luminaire. Luminaire information and monitoring data – including energy consumption, lifetime and temperature data – is extremely valuable for reducing both energy consumption and maintenance costs and also for optimizing the utilization of the entire building.

The non-isolated LED drivers stand out due to their low standby consumption in combination with a sensor or radio module. The broad operating window enables highly flexible module usage and a reduction in product types. The ripple current is particularly low, and amplitude or PWM dimming can be set via the Tuner4TRONIC software, ensuring superior lighting quality. Combined with PrevaLED Linear G4 LED modules, the LED drivers are simply ideal for designing a highly efficient system which provides excellent lighting quality thanks to low ripple current.

  • Integrated DEXAL bus supply for sensors and radio modules
  • Simplified luminaire design for radio-based lighting control systems and sensors
  • Advanced luminaire/driver data based on the DiiA Specifications, Parts 251, 252 and 253

Available from March 2019 onwards.

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