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Stretch ceilings backlit with Tunable White LED modules display luxury vehicles to best effect

Polestar showroom lighting – Gothenburg, Sweden

For the new Gothenburg showroom of Polestar, Volvo’s high-performance brand, architects at Bornstein Lyckefors had a particular lighting concept in mind. Sky-like light ceilings bathe the three show areas of the modern building in a bright diffused light and in combination with Tunable White functionality ensure that not only reflections of light from the vehicles are kept to a minimum but also that the light color can be perfectly matched to different vehicle paints. The technical solution to achieve this involves ceilings made of stretched fabric, uniformly backlit by OSRAM BackLED TW, controlled via 22 mm OPTOTRONIC Intelligent drivers.


Category: Backlighting/Signage, Retail, Office
Subcategory: Cars, Light boxes, Luminous ceiling/decorative backlighting
Location: Gothenburg, Sweden
Technology/Services: Light engines and LED modules
Year: 2018

The Polestar Automotive Company is the high-performance brand of Swedish premium car manufacturer Volvo. Understandably, demands were high for the new Gothenburg Polestar showroom and its three show areas which were to display the luxury vehicles in their best possible light. To achieve uniform, glare-free and low-reflection lighting, the architects at Bornstein Lyckefors relied on skylights in the form of large light ceilings. Malmö-based company Montagegruppen provided the solution with uniformly backlit stretch ceilings of white fabric which simulate bright diffused daylight.

Cold white

Warm white

Homogeneous, efficient, tunable

In terms of lighting technology, BackLED TW LED modules and OTi DALI 75/220…240/24 drivers were chosen – both products from OSRAM Digital Systems. Thanks to their wide-beam optics, the BackLED modules – connected via flexible cables – are perfect for both powerful and homogeneous backlighting of the large stretch ceilings in the showroom. In combination with OTi, there are other crucial advantages for the application in Gothenburg: in addition to a high quality of light, this combination of modules stands out above all for its extremely high system efficiency. The color temperature of the Tunable White light can also be seamlessly varied between 2,700 and 6,500 kelvin, which enables the light to be perfectly matched to the paint colors of the vehicles, turning every visit to the showroom into an awe-inspiring experience.

The best complete package

In answer to the question why OSRAM Digital Systems products were chosen for the application, Ola Lundblad from Masterlite said: “As a long-term OEM partner, we know that at any time we can rely 100% on OSRAM’s products and support. More specifically, in the case of Polestar in Gothenburg, the flexible system solution, the robust modules and not least easy assembly tipped the scales. The modules are compact, connected via flexible cables and easy to install with M3 screws. We were able to prepare everything for simple on-site installation – together with the straight-forward set-up it’s definitely the best complete package.”

Used products

Project partners:

ArchitectsBornstein Lyckefors,
OEM partnerMasterlite,
Stretch ceilingsMontagegruppen,
Electrical installerRams El,