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Perfect LED luminaire recipe for accurate patient treatment: OSRAM PrevaLED Linear LED modules and OPTOTRONIC LED drivers

SPIRE Saint Anthony's Hospital – Cheam, Surrey, England

In 2016, Saint Anthony's Hospital commissioned OEM lighting manufacturer PR Lighting Systems with the development of a modern LED lighting system. To meet the high requirements particularly with regard to color rendering and luminous efficacy, the luminaire manufacturer opted for innovative LED products from OSRAM. In cooperation with the consulting firm Leonard Engineering Design Associates, PrevaLED Linear LED modules and OPTOTRONIC LED drivers from OSRAM Digital Lighting Systems were chosen.


Category: Human Centric Lighting
Location: Cheam, Surrey, United Kingdom
Technology/Services: ECG for LED modules and dimmers
Year: 2017

Since 2017, the new LED luminaires with OSRAM technology have provided great service in the clinical areas and corridors of Saint Anthony's Hospital – with remarkable efficiency, absolute reliability and excellent quality of light.

Excellent color rendering was extremely important especially in treatment rooms and operating theaters to carry out complex medical treatments and operations – skin transplants for example.

OSRAM PrevaLED Linear LED modules with excellent color rendering

OSRAM PrevaLED Linear G2 LED modules with a color temperature of 3000 K and a color rendering index of Ra >90 are used in the LED luminaires for the clinical areas – forming an optimum LED system with OSRAM OPTOTRONIC OT FIT 50 and OPTOTRONIC INTELLIGENT OTi DALI 50 LED drivers. In the corridors, OSRAM PrevaLED Linear G2 LED modules with 3000 K and Ra >90 and OSRAM OPTOTRONIC OT FIT 35 LED drivers provide pleasant, bright and natural light.

The OEM had good reasons to decide in favor of LED modules and LED drivers from OSRAM. Only very few manufacturers offer LED modules with such high color rendering and quality. Particular reasons in favor of an LED solution were durability and extremely low maintenance. Now the new generation (G4) of the OSRAM PrevaLED Linear LED modules is also available, featuring an even greater number of different length and lumen packages, and a luminous efficacy increased by a further 16% to 131 lm/W.

OEM lighting manufacturers can build on special OSRAM LED expertise

Andrew McCulloch, Managing Director of PR Lighting Systems, is enthusiastic about the OSRAM LED products: “We like the OSRAM components because they are extremely reliable. We are very happy with the linear LED modules and LED drivers we have installed in our luminaires; especially with the excellent color rendering of the linear LED modules in conjunction with the DALI dimmable drivers. This allowed us to perfectly meet the specific lighting requirements of the hospital.”

Project Partner


Andrew McCulloch (Managing Director)
PR Lighting Systems
Luminaires and lighting design

Magnus Brown
Leonard Engineering Design Associates
Consulting engineers for technical building design