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Light fires the imagination: “Parachute Hall” in the Warsaw School of Economics

In 2010 a new and spectacular lighting system was installed in the gigantic pyramid-shaped glass roof that covers the entire main hall (known as the "Parachute Hall") of the Warsaw School of Economics (SGH) – thanks to innovative technology from OSRAM, OSRAM's joint venture Traxon Technologies and Traxon's light management subsidiary e:cue lighting control.


Category: Street & Urban
Subcategory: Event lighting
Location: Warsaw
Technology/Services: Light engines and LED modules
Year: 2010

Each of the 224 windows of the “parachute” is equipped with two 30 cm long LINEARlight DRAGON LED modules in warm white which can be individually controlled via DMX. The result is well worth seeing – from outside and inside. The 60 year old building has been given a glowing makeover with fantastic dynamic lighting that captivates everyone who sees it. The abbreviation “SGH”, for example, which stand for “Szkola Glówna Handlowa“ (Warsaw School of Economics), are displayed in huge letters which can be seen from far away. And inside the building the innovative installation also provides background lighting. From the glass roof the entire hall is now illuminated with bright indirect light.

Thanks to OSRAM the center of Warsaw now has yet another unique attraction to delight the inhabitants and the many tourists to the Polish capital.

Project Partner

Company name / RoleContact
OSRAM Sp. z.o.o.Komunikacja i PRBartosz Lewicki ul. Wiertnicza 117 02-952 Warszawa/ Polska