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Innovative LED lighting from OSRAM for the subway station Marienplatz in Munich

Munich, Germany

Each day more than 200,000 passengers use the subway and S-Bahn station at Marienplatz Munich. The somewhat antiquated access level leading down to the platforms has been redesigned following a concept of Allmann Sattler Wappner architects and the lighting designer Ingo Maurer. After a construction period of three and a half years, the new and modern access level, known locally as the Sperrengeschoss, was unveiled in October 2015, presenting its open, bright and customer-friendly self to passengers. The reddish orange light ceiling in the central ticket hall containing more than 1,000 LED lighting strips from OSRAM makes the access level look even more striking.


Category: Street & Urban
Subcategory: Luminous ceiling/decorative backlighting
Location: Munich, Germany
Technology/Services: Light engines and LED modules
Year: 2015

On the right track with OSRAM LED lighting solutions

Overground, Marienplatz at the heart of the Munich pedestrian precinct is one of the busiest squares in the Bavarian capital, and below it the station is also one of the most important interchanges in Munich's public transport system, handling up to 200,000 passengers daily and nearly 1,700 subway and S-Bahn trains. The topmost of four underground levels and spread over an area of about 4,200 m², the access level leads to the subway and S-Bahn platforms below, and to various shops and service facilities.

A feast for the eye with innovative OSRAM LED luminaires

The large light ceiling in the central ticket hall is a major design element of the new access level below Marienplatz. The highly reflective reddish orange ceiling panels make the space look generous. More than 1,000 OSRAM LED lighting strips have been flush fitted into the ceiling at varying lengths and arrangements. Not only do the LED luminaires, which have been specifically developed by OSRAM, create a pleasant atmosphere, but the pattern they form together is also an eye-catcher. And more than 100 OSRAM LED flat lights ensure uniform illumination of signs and ticket machines.

“This restructuring has produced a modern and distinctive space at the heart of the city. We are happy to have been able to implement Ingo Maurer's lighting design with our innovative LED solutions,” said Dr. Eladia Pulido, CEO at OSRAM Lighting Solutions.

Project Partner

ClientStadtwerke München, MVG Münchner Verkehrsgesellschaft GmbH
ArchitectAllmann Sattler Wappner
Lighting DesignIngo Maurer