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Flat-ray LED modules bring a unique combination of light design, functionality and efficiency to the new rail station in Holmestrand, Norway

Rail station lighting – Holmestrand, Norway

Project summary

The new rail station serving the Norwegian town of Holmestrand has been built inside a mountain. The light concept there is just as impressive: The highly efficient BackLED XL Plus modules made by OSRAM Digital installed behind shatter-proof opal acrylic work with other light sources to create a pleasantly even, glare-free and, above all, decorative form of illumination for platforms and passageways.


Category: Street & Urban
Subcategory: Facade illumination
Location: Holmestrand, Norway
Technology/Services: Light engines and LED modules
Year: 2016

The new rail station for Holmestrand is not only more central than the old one but can also manage more trains and more people. What makes it truly impressive from an architectural point of view, however, is that it has been built into a mountain. The lighting concept accentuates this special feature. It not only functionally and economically illuminates underground passageways and train platforms, but also aesthetically accentuates their special architectural features by using light elements designed just for this purpose. Engineers at the Ramboll Group came up with a solution that, at first glance, seemed rather unusual. They opted for BackLED XL Plus LED modules from OSRAM Digital, a form of lighting that tends to be used in decorative applications and illuminated signage.

Benefits in quality of light, efficiency and security

Closer inspection reveals the many benefits of their choice: Thanks to flat-ray technology, the BackLED modules provide extremely homogeneous light from behind acrylic covers so only uniformly bright, glare-free panels can be seen rather than the light sources themselves despite the larger LED spacing.

In addition to this pleasantly diffuse light, the solution enables the tunnel-like shape of passageways and train platforms to be accentuated. This, in turn, creates a modern, positive atmosphere and a feeling of vastness. The efficiency of the BackLED LED modules is also impressive. With their excellent module efficiency, long life and five-year guarantee, these modules are even more economical than LED strip lighting.* Other strengths: No tools are needed as the LED modules can simply be snapped into place (Click & Play) – faster than with any other solution. What about security? The illumination of the station and the combination of shatter-proof acrylic and IP66-protected BackLED XL Plus LED modules impress users as well.

Architectural highlight

The aesthetic and functional light surfaces backlighted with BackLED in the new rail station in Holmestrand ideally complement the buildings architectural concept. As an architectural highlight, they create a pleasant atmosphere and a feeling of security in the underground rooms. At the same time, operators benefit from a high level of efficiency.

Project Partner

Consulting engineers Ramboll Ingenieurs- und Beratungsunternehmen
Electrical engineers NLI Elektrosystemer AS
Project partnerOSRAM Digital Systems