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Innovative lighting technology transforms five-star luxury hotel into new city landmark

Façade and interior lighting, Electra Metropolis Hotel Athens, Greece

Project summary:

A heritage office building in the center of Athens that had lain vacant for years and once housed the Greek Ministry of Education was transformed into a luxury hotel. The refurbishment schedule included the installation of a new lighting system. Bespoke façade lighting underlines the strict geometry of the building's architecture, making it an eye-catcher in the city. Equally iconic: the illumination of the rooftop hotel bar.


Category: Backlighting/Signage, Street & Urban
Subcategory: Facade illumination, Architainment lighting
Location: Greece
Technology/Services: Light engines and LED modules
Year: 2016

Creating a five-star luxury hotel from a former office building is an exciting project. However, the challenges posed by the refurbishment of the Athens Electra Metropolis hotel not only included the derelict conditions and the conversion of the old building, but also the historic preservation requirements and a very tight schedule. A comprehensive lighting concept had to be developed within a very short period of time and the right luminaires found to suit the ambiance. A major element of this task was the façade lighting. It was designed to showcase the historic front of the hotel with its strict geometric contours and draw attention to the building.

Eye-catching façade lighting

For this purpose, light was used to accentuate the square window openings on all sides of the hotel. In cooperation with lighting designer Anastasia Philippopoulou from PSquared Lighting Design and Bright Special Lighting, it was decided to use efficient VALUE Flex Protect LED lighting strips with OPTOTRONIC control gear (OT 120W 24V DIM P and OT 240W 24V DIM P*) in customized linear outdoor luminaires with narrow and medium beam angles. Both OSRAM Digital Systems products are suitable for outdoor applications in accordance with IP 67 protection, and allow not only operation within a very wide range of temperatures but also continuous dimming. The latter is particularly crucial for the illumination of hotel windows in order not to disturb the guests’ sleep with too much light. Another advantage is the extremely long service life of the combined module-driver system.

Light art installation

The façade highlight is the lavish ornamental lighting designed by MKV interior designers which, with its meandering patterns, quotes an element of traditional Greek art. The installation plays a major role in the hotel’s status as a landmark in the center of Athens – thanks to professional background lighting above all at night. The efficient OSRAM VALUE Flex Protect system was also chosen here for a variety of reasons. For one thing, the flexible LED strip lights provide a particularly homogeneous light beam and a high level of color consistency, both of which are enormously important, especially in large installations like this one. In addition, although the meandering design on the façade repeatedly breaks up into separate sections, the LED lighting strips were able to optimally follow its lines. The strips can also be easily attached to almost any surface and, thanks to plug & play, installation is simple and quick.

Chandelier with high-tech interior

The exterior lighting is completed by the classic modern bronze chandeliers that were especially designed for the Electra Metropolis Hotel. Their high-quality light elegantly illuminates the pedestrian arcade, which runs along two exterior walls of the building. The round PrevaLED Flat AC LED panels with integrated drivers from OSRAM Digital Systems are used as light sources. For the experts from PSquared Lighting Design and Bright Special Lighting, the diffuse modules for wall and ceiling luminaires were first choice due to their flat design and low modulation. Another advantage is the five-year warranty.

Interior light quality and efficiency

The OSRAM VALUE Flex LED lighting strips were also used in the interior of the hotel to efficiently illuminate areas requiring excellent light quality – for example, in the hotel restaurants and reception area. OPTOTRONIC control gear (in the non-dimmable version) serves as reliable and long-life drivers here too. The furniture of the impressive onyx marble rooftop bar, which was custom-designed for the hotel, is lit up by BoxLED Side Plus. Thanks to optimized elliptical lenses, the LED modules, which are connected to each other via flexible cables, not only provide particularly uniform illumination but also high module efficiency and a very long service life. Straightforward and versatile installation in the furniture was just as important.

Excellent partnerships

The products from OSRAM Digital Systems were chosen for a variety of reasons. In the words of lighting designer Anastasia Philippopoulou from PSquared: “In our opinion, OSRAM manufactures the most efficient LED strips with a good price-performance ratio. What we particularly like is that there is virtually no color deviation in VALUE Flex. This is extremely important when using lighting strips. Moreover, we have often worked together with OSRAM in the past, and always with very good results. And in the case of the Electra Metropolis, there was another decisive aspect: the company's short delivery times enabled us to meet the tight schedule.”
* Successor products are OT 130W 24V DIM P and OT 250W 24V DIM P

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