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Luxury liner “Norwegian Joy” uses OSRAM LED strips for its LED lighting

Ceiling lighting “Norwegian Joy” – Meyer Werft, Papenburg, Germany

Atrium Bar
Card Room
Coffee Shop

For the innovative LED design lighting of three exclusive bar and restaurant areas in the new luxury liner “Norwegian Joy,” Meyer Werft turned to the LED experts of OSRAM Digital Lighting Systems. State-of-the-art LINEARlight Flex Diffuse LED strips with high-performance silicone from OSRAM proved to be the perfect solution for these very special lighting requirements.

Project description

The lighting requirements for the bar and restaurant areas “Atrium Bar,” “Coffee Shop” and “Card Room” of the hypermodern “Norwegian Joy” were extremely challenging. The shipmaker wanted an absolutely homogeneously diffuse form of light distribution along an array of architectural ceiling elements with round and rounded contours.


Category: Hospitality, Entertainment
Subcategory: Club and DJ lighting
Location: Papenburg, Germany
Technology/Services: Light engines and LED modules, Light management systems
Year: 2014

OSRAM LED strips for attractive design and perfect lighting effects

It took side-emitting LED modules to optimally fulfill these complex requirements. Meyer Werft’s own light planners, working together with CRISTALLUX, the manufacturer of decorative lighting solutions and diffusers designed specifically for customers, decided to use the LED products from OSRAM Digital Lighting Systems. The innovative LINEARlight Flex Diffuse was specified as the perfect solution, as the side-emitting LED strip allows outright homogeneity combined with minimal geometry. This system's excellent quality, performance and, above all, light effect featuring warm-white light and good color rendering, eventually won over the light planners. The LED tape produces a light that is very subtle and still has a pleasant effect on the eye.

The six-meter-long LED tape can be trimmed to size and has a very strong self-adhesive back side. They are perfect for complex contours and the tiniest spaces. The LED components and the entire “technology” are completely covered with high-performance silicone. This makes it possible to integrate highly advanced reflector technology into the LED modules. This technology creates an extremely homogeneous form of light distribution across a minimalistic geometry, without visible focal points of light.

The “Norwegian Joy”

Meyer Werft has made a global name for itself primarily by building huge, state-of-the-art and ambitious cruise ships. With a length of 333.4 meters and a capacity of up to 4,200 passengers, the “Norwegian Joy” and its sister ship, the “Norwegian Escape,” are the largest luxury liners that Meyer Werft has ever built for Norwegian Cruise Line. The cruise company was recently elected to be the “World's Leading Large Ship Cruise Line” for the fifth time.

Project Partner

CustomerMichael Wessler, Meyer Werft
Lighting OEMThomas Schindler, CRISTALLUX-Werk Waldachtal GmbH
PhotographerIngrid Fiebak-Kremer