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ENCELIUM – adds more to your light

More flexibility, more control, more energy savings

Lighting scenarios change every day

What you need is a flexible lighting solution that adapts to these conditions. OSRAM presents ENCELIUM, a light management system using a wireless mesh network based on the ZigBee standard and DALI (digital addressable lighting interface) for entire building lighting control. It allows for energy savings in a highly versatile and most convenient way. Thanks to the scalability of the system architecture, it works with any building size and is easy to integrate into existing building management systems.

The ENCELIUM system has already proven its value: it has been impressing customers around the world for the last decades and has demonstrated excellent reliability both when retrofitted and when used in new construction projects – from single floors starting at approx. 1,000 square meters to complete buildings with over 4 million square meters.

Two essentials for lighting control – software and hardware

The success of the light management system is mainly due to two things: hardware and software. While it is based on DALI and a wireless mesh network based on the ZigBee standard and uses standard lighting control components, the core element of the system is the innovative Polaris 3D software, which provides comprehensive control of the whole lighting system from anywhere via remote access. And with six energy management strategies, it is even possible to increase energy savings by up to 75%. As you can see, with ENCELIUM, changing and enhancing your lighting has never been so easy.

1. Polaris 3D software

The Polaris 3D software is the core element of the ENCELIUM system. It facilitates the commissioning, usage and data analysis of the lighting installation. The 3D colour gradient visualisation shows how efficient your installation is and immediately reports the savings achieved.

2. ENCELIUM hardware

Networked system devices process and translate the control commands and define the rules to manage the inputs and outputs in the installation. By using the standard network rules, the system can be enhanced and scaled to be suitable for any application or building size.

3. Field elements

The field elements in the ENCELIUM system allow individual control and monitoring of each single luminaire, sensor and light switch. The components are available as independent units, flush or luminaire-mounted, and react to instructions sent by the ECUs.

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